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Day Thirty One

January 31, 2010

As much running around as I did today, it wasn’t until the sun was going down before I remembered to grab my camera to get today’s picture.  Thankfully the sky provided some nice colors for a great photo opportunity.


Day Thirty

January 30, 2010

Alexander rode the Merry-Go-Round for the first time today and he got to share it with his Zadie.  Alexander even picked the horse he wanted to sit on and loved every minute of the ride.

Day Twenty Nine

January 29, 2010

Sometimes I find it hard to figure out how to portray “The Family Circle” on Fridays.  Tonight Alexander was laying on the couch with me while we watched some cartoons before bed and I just liked the way his hand was holding mine.  It took quite a few snaps before I could get one I liked as it is hard to stay relaxed yet remain still while holding the camera steady and take the picture with the other hand.  I am dire need of a remote shutter!

Day Twenty Eight

January 28, 2010

I have decided that I am going to try to work on some self portraits throughout the year and here is my first one.  Granted you can’t see my face, but I promise to work on that in the coming weeks.  I am not that comfortable in front of the camera, so hopefully this project will help!

Day Twenty Seven

January 27, 2010

Eye contact – CHECK!  In focus – CHECK!  A smile (by Alexander’s terms – CHECK!  Three for three and I am amazed!  Alexander seems to have an aversion to the camera and manages to look everywhere but at the lens when I want to take his picture.  I think I have found the secret – he is big into candy these days and the promise of a lolly pop or some other small sweet treat gets me one or two cute snaps before demanding the promised candy.

Day Twenty Six

January 26, 2010

I don’t have many views outside of my windows at home – trees and a trailer park in the back and trees and townhouses out the front.  So I always need to get creative with my cropping.  I am looking forward to spring time when there will be leaves on the trees and flowers sprouting in the yard.

Day Twenty Five

January 25, 2010

Whether you call them “Jimmies” or “Sprinkles”, they look pretty cool close up.   I was rummaging through the spice cabinet in search of something fun to use for Macro Monday and I came across a little container of sprinkles.  I love all the colors and the detail of the sugar crusted on each one.

Day Twenty Four

January 24, 2010

I can’t wait for Spring.  This is one of my hydrangea bushes in my front yard.  When it’s blooming, it is the loveliest shade of pale pink.  But even here, it looks sort of interesting.

Day Twenty Three

January 23, 2010

I got my bokeh kit in the mail today and I was excited to have Adam dig out (after having just put it away for the year) our pre-lit Christmas tree so I could play with the shaped discs.  I had a lot of fun turning the lights into all kinds of shapes, but I enjoyed the hearts the most.

Day Twenty Two

January 22, 2010

Doing what we do best in the evenings before bed – watch cartoons with Alexander.  Normally, Alexander likes to lay with me on the couch, but tonight he decided he wanted to sit with Daddy, so I was able to capture a sweet moment for the two of them.