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Day One Hundred and Twenty

April 30, 2010

I almost forgot about getting a picture today!  I remembered while in the car to pick up Alexander from Adam’s moms house.  She watched him so we could go out to dinner.  Adam wasn’t too happy that I wanted to take his picture while he was driving and refused to smile.  Smiling or not, I still like the picture.


Day One Hundred and Nineteen

April 29, 2010

I wanted to try something fun for my picture today so I got some gum and blew bubbles for 30 minutes while taking various pictures.  I had hoped to get a bigger bubble, but this was the best I could do.  Fun and whimsical – check.  And an added bonus, I am loving how my hair looks today.

Day One Hundred and Eighteen

April 28, 2010

Adam thought it would be funny to put a swim diaper on Alexander’s head like a hat, and he was so right.  It was hilarious and Alexander left it on for a good hour or so.  He was funny jumping around the living room with it on and let me take a few pics which I am sure when he gets older will regret.

Day One Hundred and Seventeen

April 27, 2010

I can never get enough pics of the sun shining on a beautiful day.  I will admit I cheated a bit on this one.  I couldn’t get the window to go down on our storm door, so I stepped outside to take this shot.  Oh well, right?  My game, my rules.  they can be changed or broken at any time.

Day One Hundred and Sixteen

April 26, 2010

Fresh green leaves after a rain.  This is one of the leaves on our cherry tree that we planted a couple of years back.  It is really growing though it had some damage from all the snow we had this winter, it appears to be doing well.

Day One Hundred and Fifteen

April 25, 2010

I have no idea what flower this is, but i look forward to it blooming every spring.  One of our neighbors planted it for us as a wedding gift and I just love it.  It has the prettiest shade of pink and white blooms.  One of these days I will figure out what it is.

Day One Hundred and Fourteen

April 24, 2010

Adam bought us a new welcome mat and I love it.  He knows me so well.  I love flip flops – they are pretty much the only thing I wear unless there is snow on the ground.  I stockpile them in the summer so they can last me through to the spring when they are brought back out in the stores.

Day One Hundred and Thirteen

April 23, 2010

My parents have a new found love for the Washington Capitals and they picked this shirt up for Alexander.  Adam has him wear it on days they have a game so he had to wear it to school today.  Alexander loves all things sports, so who knows, maybe hockey will be something he shows an interest in as he gets older.

Day One Hundred and Twelve

April 22, 2010

My mom took me to get my hair cut yesterday – something to get me out of the funk I have been in lately.  This is my self portrait of the day and I decided to not do any editing to it as a reminder to myself that this is the last photo of myself being depressed/down in the dumps/feeling sorry for myself – whatever it may be…I am going to get out from under whatever is holding me down and I am going to be a new woman.  I have a long way to go, but this is where I start.  Life is a journey and I need to be able to photograph the good and the bad to document the trip.

Day One Hundred and Eleven

April 21, 2010

Alexander being funny in the tub.  He got some bubbles in his mouth and was trying to spit them all out.  Alexander loves taking baths.  I think he just loves being in the water.  I have to get him enrolled in some swim classes so he can spend more time splashing around and having fun.